Charlotte S.

My first diet started when I was twelve years old. The years that followed had me lose eighty to ninety pounds only to gain it all back within a year. I must have tried every type of diet that was on the market. I also bought every new diet book and magazine that claimed if you followed their food program a person was guaranteed to lose large amounts of weight effortlessly. I had joined just about every diet clinic in town. I tried exercise programs and gyms. I had personal trainers. Nothing seemed to keep the weight from creeping back on after struggling so hard to take it off.

Previous to my weight loss I used to avoid looking at myself in a mirror or at my reflection in store windows. I avoided restaurants and public functions, especially if they involved eating. I was self conscious and felt people were giving me disapproving looks at the amount and type of food I had on my plate. I could visualise the word glutton written on their faces.

In February of 2018 I turned 65 years old. A girlfriend and I went for lunch and she took a photograph of me. I was mortified of how I looked. It was time to do something drastic to lose weight. I realized that I was not able to do this on my own. I needed some place where I could weigh in regularly and so be accountable.

One reason I decided to join Gail’s Nutrition and Weight Loss Centre was because their program did not make you buy supplements or make you purchase food products and meals. Gail’s was close to my house and I did not have to drive across the city. The drawing card was the price. There was a special taking place that month and if you enrolled before the end of February the program would cost half the regular price.

The initial cost was reasonable and less than any of the previous programs I had tried. My goal was to lose 100 pounds and it was to take about a year. This 

seemed rather daunting in the beginning. In hind sight, I think having paid in full for the program at the start was the motivation for my sticking to the program. I figured if I am losing money, I may as well lose weight too.

Issues with weight have always been a very personal and touchy subject for me. With over one hundred pounds lost, it is so nice to be able to walk into a store and have such a big selection of clothes to choose from. I am thrilled and amazed at the small sizes of clothing I can now fit into. Gone are the 1X and 2X sizes and shopping in the plus size departments.

I liked the individual coaching sessions and found this method to be the most effective for me. I have done group sessions and prefer to be able to ask questions in a more private setting. Weekly weigh-ins helped to keep me on track and gave me the opportunity to work out problems encountered.

I had never reached my weight loss goals with any of the previous diet programs. I would get close, one or two pounds short of my goal weight and then something would come along that would cause me to quit. This time I did reach my goal and it was ahead of the scheduled target date. I was finally able to sign up and am now on the maintenance program.

My entire outlook on life has been transformed along with my body changes. I like to compare myself to the mythical bird, the phoenix. I feel that I have been reborn and am now experiencing a happier and healthier life.

Thanks to the fabulous staff at Gail’s, especially Denise. I met with her the most at my drop in visits. It was and still is great to walk into the clinic and be called by my first name and to be greeted so enthusiastically.

It was because of the fabulous support that it kept me motivated and this had contributed to my weight loss. It will also be a big contributing factor to my success at keeping the weight off.

Life couldn’t be better!

Charlotte lost 104 lbs and 116 inches!!

Morgan K.

Around April 2017 I made the decision to become a healthy version of myself and losing the extra weight I’d gain was one of my big goals. So I found a gym that fit my lifestyle and started working out on a regular basis. I’ve never been a big fan of working out and getting all sweaty. But once I started to see changes in my physical abilities, I was hooked! It felt so good to be able to run faster than ever before! But one thing was missing… I wasn’t losing the weight that I wanted gone. Everyone always said working out is only 20% of the puzzle and eating right was the other 80%. I didn’t really understand what that meant until I started at Gail’s. As soon as I began making changes to my diet, I started seeing the results I was hoping for! And the best thing about it was that it wasn’t a huge lifestyle over haul. I just had to make sure that I had what I needed in the fridge at the beginning of the week to make healthy choices throughout. It  felt great to start hearing people comment on how good I was looking. They’d say “Wow, Morgan the gym has been treating you well”, but I’d have to correct them and say it all had to do with the healthy food choices that I’d learned from Gail’s!


Morgan Lost a total of 25 pounds and 33.5 inches !!!

Kevin S. 

I started noticing that over the last many years, winter would come to an end and I would be 5-7 pounds heavier. I figured that once summer arrived I would lose it again but it never seemed to happen. I would then try some tips someone told me would work and still no luck.
I happened to find out about Gail's through a promotion at work and decided that I would go and see what she had to offer. I told Denise right off the start that I am not interested in having to buy food from a diet center and I wanted to learn how to eat and what I can eat to get back to a healthy weight again and get my energy back. I also wanted to enjoy what I ate and didn't want to live on rice cakes or cauliflower.
She explained to me that it was their philosophy to educate the client to be able to live a healthy lifestyle even after their diet program was done. To be honest I was a bit skeptical at the start but went in with an open mind. She set up a program for me, took my weight and measurements, and we started my journey. Weight loss occurred right off the start as I saw the numbers drop on the scale. I figured I would be happy with 10 lbs lost, and then hey! 20 lbs would be awesome. By the time the dust settled I had lost 41 lbs and 26 inches which put me back to lower than I was 18 years ago. It was a great feeling to have the people actually notice the difference and I felt so much better as well. The weight loss gave me the energy to be able to become more active which also toned things up improving my results even more. It all started with the right eating habits and knowing what and how much a person needs.
I understand that this is a new and improved way of living my life and there will be ups and downs but hopefully I have learned enough from this experience to make it through them and achieve a healthier way of life.

Jay F. 

In the past few years when someone who greet me with a “hi, how are you doing?” my standard response was “not bad for an old, fat, tired guy!” Albeit somewhat humorous, this “confession” was also a self-indictment that I had let myself go.

I have always considered myself to be fit, healthy and active – and have managed to keep my weight within a normal range – mostly through physical activity and sensible eating. As I eased into my 60’s I let me weight creep up to the point where I topped out at 233 lbs. I was having to buy the size and style of clothing I said I would never wear, and I was disgusted with myself!

My wife, a long-time advocate of Gail’s Weight Loss, learned the Gail’s was offering a 10-week weight- loss competition for men. Since I’m highly competitive, that (and my self-disgust) was the push I needed to do something about being “old, fat and tired.”

I joined the competition on April 1, 2017, determined to win it!

My wife became a shadow participant, and after studying the meal plans, we went shopping. Grocery shopping takes a lot longer when you are reading the labels and the nutritional information.

Gail’s food list and meal plan proved to be very effective and I started shrinking. Never once did I feel hungry. As a matter of fact, it seemed like I was constantly eating: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, supper, snack – and enough water to float a boat.

Although my intention was to lose weight, I started noticing fewer “aches and pains,” and more energy and stamina. “Old, fat and tired” gave way to youthful, slimmer and energetic. Better yet, my self-esteem got a makeover and my “old man clothes” got tossed.

I am grateful to Gail’s and the great people who work there. They made me feel like family, and I was excited to go in every week, to have my weigh-in and get my weekly dose of encouragement and support.

No weight-loss program can give someone self-control and self-discipline (if they don’t have any). Gail’s however help’s its clients ease into a mindset and lifestyle that becomes the new normal for healthy eating.

Lost 34.5 Pounds and 34 Inches!!

Debby S.

My husband and I heard about Gail's Weight Loss program through our work health promotions.  We had talked about shedding some of the extra weight we had put on over the last couple of years, as the saying goes, “it’s easy to gain the weight, not so easy to lose”.  When the opportunity to join Gail's program was presented we thought it would be a great way to try to lose some weight together!  Denise showed us how to eat smart, watch portion size, and made us more aware of ingredients in different products.  Denise and Amy were always pleasant, helpful and VERY supportive.. Thank you!

We achieved our goal weights by committing to our individual programs and doing it together made the journey, including the speed bumps, a lot easier.  We would recommend the program to others.

Debby lost 19 pounds and an amazing 31 inches! Way to go Debby!

Corey F.

I made a fairly significant lifestyle change in January of 2012 , I quit smoking. I really hoped that I would not put on any weight, but ask anybody who has kicked that habit and they will tell you how hard that is to do. I was putting on approximately 2 pounds every 3 months. I was getting regular exercise but the weight just kept coming, and to make matters worse I am also a type 2 diabetic and my insulin use was getting to be quite frankly a little bit scary and very expensive.

I have a couple of friends at work who did a contest at Gail’s and had great success (you have probably seen them on a poster),so I decided to give it a try. That decision has proven to be one of my best to date, within two weeks of starting my plan (not diet)I had lost over 10 pounds and more importantly hadn’t had a high blood sugar number and was actually starting to have to cut my insulin injections significantly. I am now taking less than half of the insulin that I was taking 12 weeks ago!

This was every bit as important to me as quitting smoking, life changing. Thank you Denise , Thank you Gail’s.

Curtis H.

I had shoulder surgery last summer and had gained weight during recovery due to being unable to do any physical activity. I noticed an advertisement for Gail's Weight Loss program through work and decided to try it. Not only did I lose weight, my overall health and wellbeing has improved. I feel better now han I have in a very long time. I highly recommend this program to anyone. The food choices are so easy - no gimics. A really big thank you to Denise and her staff!  Lost 35 pounds and 14 inches!

Chris T.

I've contemplated losing weight for some time now so when I came across an e-mail stating an employee weight loss challenge, I thought I'd bring the idea up to my wife. She was immediately on board with idea; in her words: "If it's not a competition you won't do it "!  So I signed up, and 3 months later "WOW".      

But let's back up a bit , I've always been a bit large having stopped growing at the age of 16 I was 6 feet tall and an even 200 lbs and have never been below that mark !  

I started the program not completely sure what to expect (after all, the steak portions, I thought, were way to small) . The expert and friendly staff soon put my doubts to rest. I found the amount of food I was eating was leaving me full and not in the least hungry and soon grew accustomed to the smaller meat portions. And I was losing weight. The program offered a wide variety of food choices so once I figured out how to season it, I never grew bored of the same old thing .

In the second week I was feeling refreshed and energized, so I started walking with a goal of 10,000 steps a day . I continued to walk and it has become almost addictive (I feel guilty if I miss my goal and at the end of the program I'm averaging over 16,000 steps/day!)

I went in to be weighed approximately twice a week, and even during rough cheat times (we all will have them) the staff at Gail's always seemed to know how to re motivate me and help with menu ideas.

My wife has been very supportive; cooking meals and eating much of the same foods with me and has also lost weight. We both agree that this is an easy program to follow. 

I'm now at the end of the 12 week program and my energy level is at an all time high. I just finished an hour long game of tag with my grandchildren and I'm not even winded! Last year a couple laps around the house I'd be done for the day .

I'm getting compliments from family, friends and colleagues and I feel great! I've even started back into martial arts with one of my boys. 

This is a program that works! Thanks Gail's for giving me a new brighter outlook on life.  (Being 50.5 lbs lighter and less and 26 inches helps too!)

Shelley A.

The Gail’s plan is so easy to follow!  It’s changed my trips to the grocery store so I spend most of my time in the produce section.  It’s fun to try new fruits and vegetables and I find that I really like many of them.  This is truly a lifestyle change that I know I can continue.  The staff are always very encouraging and are as excited as I am to see the inches melt away.  Thanks Gail’s!  37 pounds lost and 31.5 inches!

Kevin and Svitlana P.

Kevin: Thank you to everybody at Gail's Weight Loss & Nutrition Centre for showing me the path to to a healthier lifestyle!

I had reached a place in my life where I wasn't happy with the way I looked and felt. Something needed to change but as I looked at the type of food I ate and the portion sizes I chose compared to others around me, I began to believe that it wasn't my choices to blame, but in fact my body. I convinced myself this is who I am and I have to live with it.

We had heard about Gail's through her promotions offered to city employees and I had witnessed first hand one of my co-workers having great success with this program, but somehow I wasn't fully convinced that my diet was bad. Having to try something, although not being convinced that a diet could help, my wife and I went to Gail's for help.

We met with Denise and weighed in, shocking myself with my weight gain since I had last weighed myself! I was happy to see that this program is based on healthy eating of normal foods without the use of pills and supplements and was worth giving a try.

I was given a goal weight and when asked what I thought about achieving it I said that would be great but unlikely, 39.5 lbs in 12 weeks can't be realistic right? The initial portion sizes seemed large and raised more doubt in my mind but I was assured to carry on and give it a try.
After the initial 3 day cleansing was complete the diet portion varied slightly and my motivation began to increase, I was seeing weight loss already!

First the fluids in my legs went down and soon after, the nagging headaches began to subside. I was seeing weight loss and improved health but I still believed that my diet hadn't changed enough to make a difference. Once again Denise assured me that I must eat all the food and give it a chance.

As time passed the benefits kept showing. My blood pressure, although not severe prior to, had lowered. My wife no longer had to awake to my snoring. I was waking up refreshed and ready to go, and of course the steady weight loss was so encouraging! By this time I had accepted that I must "eat all the food in my plan".

As time went on we learned that much, if not all, of the prepared foods that we once enjoyed were very unhealthy and so full of sodium. I cut out my unhealthy snacking and opted for healthier choices enjoying them just as much, and cheating occassionally (don't tell Denise). We cooked with the use of more variety of spices to liven up our meals and truly began to enjoy freshly prepared foods again.

I realized that the volume of food I ate wasn't the problem I initially had but, in fact, the meal choices that I made, way too much carbs and not nearly enough veggies. Shopping and meal preparation became easier and perhaps even routine. The variety I have in my meal now is more enjoyable than in the past as well.

I am so pleased to have had this experience. I feel better physically and feel better about myself. I have learned a way to live healthy and enjoy life. This isn't a diet; it's a lifestyle choice, and one that's so easy to follow. I am pleased to say that in addition to all the health benefits I mentioned earlier, my cholesterol cut nearly in half I was able to lose not 39.5 but 41.5 lbs in 12 weeks and 20.5 inches! I look better, feel better, and seems like I'm actually doing better! Thanks again Gail's!

Svitlana: I am very happy that I enrolled in Gail's Weight Loss & Nutrition program. My husband and I decided to do this together after seeing the work for his co-workers. I had never needed to be on a diet before but after having our second child, and staying home on maternity leave, the pounds seemed to keep adding up. This made me feel unhappy about my appearance, and I was ready to try to make a change.

Doing this program as a couple made it so much easier. The shopping and meal preparation, as well as staying true to the plan is easier with support. My chocolate cravings lessened as the weeks passed. I used to cook with lots of salt but now, with the use of spices instead, I find meals more tasty. I started the program at 138 lbs and lost 18.5 lbs and 29 inches during the 12 week program! This is not just a diet; it is education on making healthy life choices. I am pleased that Gail's is teaching people to live healthy with the use of real food and not the use of pills or supplements. I feel good about myself again and have made this "diet" into a lifestyle choice.

Ana Z.

I have always known that I was overweight for some time but, like many people I chose to live in denial about it. I never had the courage to step on a scale because I knew I would be disappointed with the number that would look back at me which meant facing my weight reality. Figuring out how to go about losing weight successfully was always daunting and overwhelming and that in its self also discouraged me from trying altogether.

Recently I started to consider losing weight more seriously mainly because my husband and I want to start a family and wanted to avoid any pregnancy complications since I already work in a physically demanding environment. After seeing the health issues that can arise from being overweight during pregnancy in my nursing profession I decided not to take the matter lightly. So, rather than making this decision a short lived failed attempt, I decided that I was going to commit into making this challenge a success for me and also for my future family.

After many failed attempts of losing weight on my own in the past I chose to seek professional help because I recognized my weakness for food. I had tried different diets in the past and most included a pill here and a shake there, skip a meal here and there. This time I knew I wanted something more realistic I could sustain not just for a year or two but a lifetime. So, after much searching I decided to give Gail's Weight Loss & Nutrition Centre a call. It was the one place that not only offered real food plans but also a lifestyle change.

After leaving from my first appointment with Denise I felt really excited, challenged and a little afraid all at the same time. I was happy I felt I could embrace the nutrition I was given but, also a bit doubtful of how long I would keep up the enthusiasm of losing weight and not give into my weakness.

I have to admit I've had my difficult and trying moments but through that I also rediscovered my internal drive, self-motivation and my deep desire to feel healthy. However, no man is an island and I would like to give great thanks to my supporting team of friends and family who were behind me all the way cheering me on even when I felt like I wasn't doing that great. My most special thanks and appreciation go out to my personal chef, and coach who also happens to be my husband Joel. He was with me behind the scenes of this process. I'm grateful for him and his every effort in walking with me in this journey. He has been my voice of reason when I've been hard on myself and has given me some tough love as well. I can't begin to say how much I've learned about weight loss and maintenance through this program and the positive changes it has created in my lifestyle. I also never imagined or expected there would be people who would be motivated to take on this challenge for themselves after watching me go through it. I feel happy I've shared and passed on something good for them and grateful I found a place that actually offered me real food with real results.  38 pounds lost and 54 inches!

Cindy P.

I joined Gail’s Weight Loss through a health program at work.  Being a little competitive I was in it for the prizes. J  What was more important was the information and knowledge that I gained. Through some struggles the first few weeks, Denise was able to pin down a food sensitivity that I never knew that I had.  After that the pounds started coming off.

I loved the accountability of weighing in twice a week and the one on one counselling that I received from Denise and her staff.  Grocery shopping was a breeze as all the food on the program was regular food, no supplements, pills or shakes.

Shopping for new clothes has become a fun outing again, not something I dread.  I have more energy and I feel great!! I lost 32 pounds and 47 inches!!

Kathy G.

“Tomorrow” I’m going on a weight loss program. That’s what I kept telling myself month after month turning into year after year! I’d start dieting and exercising on my own and it would last for a few days. Then something or some occasion would happen and I’d vow to start again next week. I knew I needed to lose 40 pounds but I just couldn’t get motivated.

We spent our winter in Palm Springs and with “happy hours” and eating out a lot my weight crept up even more. I went to my Doctor for a check up when we got home and after blood test results, my blood sugar and cholesterol levels were heading upward. Having high blood pressure, acid reflux and uncontrolled IBS the time was now to get serious about my health. I have a husband, kids and grandchildren whom I want to be around for a long time and to be healthy and active.

I had been on another weight loss program a few years ago and I did lose weight. They sold me some of their food and supplements and when I was done, the weight came back on.

I saw an ad for Gail’s Nutrition and Weight Loss program, using real food and not trying to sell me supplements. I went to see Denise, a little skeptical, but came out feeling enthused and with renewed hope that I could do this!

It was a little challenging in the beginning, but it got easier by the week. The weight was coming off, I was eating right, I was feeling better both physically and mentally. Denise guided me through, always with a positive attitude. She helped me when I’d struggle and need advice on such things as eating in restaurants or going to a grandchild's birthday. You can’t not have a piece of their birthday cake!

I’m proud to say I am now almost 44 pounds down and I’ve lost an incredible 63 inches!

My medication for high blood pressure is now minimal, no more acid reflux, blood sugar and cholesterol levels are back to normal and my dreaded IBS symptoms are under control!

I feel great! I’ve got more energy and more confidence. I enjoy going out and being around people again. Shopping for clothes is a pleasure now, not a dreaded necessity!

Thanks to Denise and Gail’s Nutrition and Weight Loss I’ve got the healthier and happier me back!

I am now embarking on their Maintenance Program, to keep that weight off for the rest of my life! It has truly taught me how to eat and still enjoy my life!

Terri-Lynn S.

 Gail’s Weight Loss program gave me the structure and motivation to achieve a consistently healthy diet. The twelve week program was the longest stretch of healthy eating I’ve ever accomplished. All the complications in life always interrupted my efforts. For the first time ever I really felt the rewards of eating a balanced nutritious and natural diet. I don’t feel bloated all the time, instead I feel light, have more energy, and am generally in a better mood all around.

I appreciated the weekly visits to be weighed and discuss the different challenges I faced and develop strategies to continue to succeed and stay on track. On the rare occasions that I deterred from the

plan I made adjustments to accommodate and never considered it all lost for not adhering 100%. The weekly check in was always encouraging and helped abolish any doubts I may have had brewing from straying from the plan.

My husband and I joined the program together. Having both of our full commitment to the program definitely made the lifestyle changes easier and a lot more fun. The program gave us a common goal to work towards. We planned and strategized together which made it all seem a lot easier. Having someone at home to really share our progress with was very rewarding. Taking on the program together made shopping, cooking, eating a shared responsibility. It wasn’t all on me to encourage the healthier choices and try to restrict the junk from our diets.  For the first time ever my husband was inspiring my commitment to healthy eating!

Damian S.

I thought the program was great. The program was surprisingly very easy to do. Although eating so much fruit and vegetables required more preparation and time than processed food and take out it, it did make grocery shopping and cooking simpler.  We would buy basically the same thing every week only really changing the protein once in a while. My wife and I joined and did the program together. Our healthy lifestyle trickled down to our children and they both lost a few pounds too.

Dean G.

I thought I would give you a little background to my life. I grew up being a skinny kid. Always active in sports and play, and a picky eater when I was young contributed to my slim physique.   I believe when I graduated from grade 12 I was 160lbs and 6 feet tall. As I got into my 30’s and 40’s I was starting to put on the weight because of less activity, and bad eating habits. I also have a sweet tooth, and often had an extra-large Tim Horton’s with 4 sugars two cream. Sitting down in the evening to watch TV usually involved some sort of snack like chips, popcorn or ice cream. I wouldn’t drink a lot of pop, but the occasional Pepsi a couple times a week would be part of my routine.

I fluctuated between 225 and 240lbs over the last 5 years. With this weight gain, came stiff muscles, the feeling of being full and bloated and lack of energy. I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea a few years ago and started wearing an appliance to help with breathing and loud snoring. These appliances are not the most comfortable and would wake me up frequently through the night… that and the odd elbow from the wife.

Also my family has a history of Diabetes, and I was starting to feel I was headed in the same path and would be diagnosed with it if I didn’t do something about it.

4 years back I had a Gastroscopy surgery done to help me with a problem I was having with swallowing food. This fixed the problem, but I was prescribed with Omeprazole for the rest of my life to help with the Acid Reflex that comes from that.

Now to the program…..

I receive this email as a health promotion from the City of Saskatoon. They had a promotion for 50% off a 12 week weight loss program. The winner would get $500 and a free makeover. If you know me, I can’t resist a deal and a little competition. Actually I was in it for the makeover J

I emailed it to my wife and wondered if she was ok with me going into the program and if she would help support me. She replied back with a “who is this and why have you hacked my husband’s email”.

I planned on starting right after I got back from a weeks’ vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. I might as well bulk up a little to get one up on my competition.   Well that back fired and I weighed in at 230 instead of the 235-240 I thought I was going to weigh in at. But I sat down with Denise and we went through the diet for the first three days.

She started me off with a conditioning and cleansing 3 days. I was ok with the fruit and protein, but I didn’t eat much salad before and drinking 8 glasses of water in a day was the initial challenge for me. After the first three days, she expanded what foods I could eat and then again in 3 weeks another expanded list of foods. I continued to stick to this healthy eating program.

Within a week I was losing weight and gaining my energy back. I started leaving my sleep apnea appliance off at night and was sleeping better. I haven’t used it for the last two months and unless I have a cold, the elbows aren’t coming my way anymore.

I also took a grocery tour with one of the employees of Gail’s weight loss and got a good idea on what to look for on labels and what to stay away from.

I stuck to my guns in the 12 weeks and kept with the program. I must admit I cheated every once in a while when I was away from my normal routine and had a slice of pizza, or a piece of cake. I washed it down with lots of water (I’m sure that helped).

I managed to lose 25lbs and 11” on my body. The most I noticed was in my waist. I dropped from a 38” pant to a size 34”. My face and neck thinned out and I am feeling healthy.

I recently went to my doctor and asked about going off the Acid reflex pills, so I’m 3 days in without those pills, so if I can eliminate that for the rest of my life, I’m sure that will be a benefit.

I never mentioned before, but I was popping a lot of Advil for my sore body before I started this diet. I’ve gotten rid of that dependency and only take the odd Advil a couple times a month instead of daily.

I didn’t win the contest and didn’t get the extreme make over, but I think in a way I am a winner with improved health, better eating habits and direction from Gail’s Nutrition and Weight Loss to keep the weight from coming back.

Amy P.

Hi! My name is Amy. I’m 30 years old, married and have 3 children ages 4 years, 2.5 years and 7 months. I started to struggle with my weight after high school when I moved to Saskatoon from a small town. I found fast food places, eating out and going to bars to be my new lifestyle. I put on 35lbs over 5 or 6 years and then fluctuated back and forth about 10 pounds. It seemed I wasn’t truly ready to change until I looked in the mirror and decided I’d rather be healthy and skinny than associate everything I enjoyed in my life with food. I have never been able to lose weight on my own. Positive thinking, a great support system and the one on one counseling approach from Gail’s was needed for me to come as far as I have in my weight loss journey.

I achieved my goal weight in 2008 before my pregnancies through Gail’s program. I knew from that point on just how awesome feeling good and looking great was. I lost 40lbs and 57 inches and never felt better. I vowed I’d either be pregnant or skinny for the rest of my life! Well, I knew I was ready to be done with extra weight after being pregnant for what felt like 4 years! Knowing that I wasn’t trying to slim down for an occasion or tackling a New Year’s resolution was the first step to success. I was open and honest with my Gail’s councilor about how my old eating habits had come back to haunt me, especially since they were the “well I’m pregnant, so it’s okay to have 2 donuts and an iced cap everyday” type.

I joined Gail’s again when my son was 6 weeks old. They have such a wide variety of programs and even had one for breastfeeding moms like me. Denise was able to tweak my personal program for my hunger and sleep deprivation during those first few months of have 2 toddlers and a newborn. Going to Gail’s twice a week has become a ritual for my kids and me. Vocalizing my worry over upcoming weddings, birthdays or any celebration that will inevitable involve food really helped me conquer the looming fear of what will I be able to eat? How can I do this the smart way and not undo all my hard work? Denise was there every step of the way to show me tricks and tools to prepare for these things as they come. Each event could be dealt with individually instead of letting them pile up into a cycle of overeating and guilt about it leading to overeating again and so on.

Denise was always able to motivate me without ever being condescending and made me realize that  I can motivate myself. I can’t do it completely for my kids or my husband. I have to be a tiny bit selfish and do it for ME because I’m worth the effort. I deserve the successes I worked toward and it’s ok to be a confident, beautiful me! I lost 60lbs and 76 inches. It feels great to be able to go to the park and run with my kids and not be out of breath. It doesn’t hurt that I can put on a hot dress and go out for the evening either! When I was overweight everything I did felt like it took too much energy. Now going for a walk pushing all 3 kids in one stroller is a good workout instead of some unimaginable feat.

I owe it all to Gail’s!

Judy G.

Over the years, with a slowing metabolism, a sedentary desk job, not enough exercise and some bad eating habits, my weight continued to sneak up on me. I was ready to go up yet another size in clothes and I was extremely unhappy with my body image. I would look in the mirror and say, “How could I let this happen?” I didn’t feel good, my energy level was low and I was starting to suffer from heart burn. I knew a lifestyle change was in order but I wasn’t sure how to begin and how to be successful.

The light when on one day when I received an email from my employer with an incentive program they had worked out with Gail’s Nutrition and Weight Loss Centre. The proposal was that employees wishing to lose weight could sign up for a 12 week weight loss competition. Incentives were that there would be weekly prizes for whoever could lose the most each week and a larger prize at the end of the competition for the most successful person. Weekly prizes consisted of things to aid weight loss such as a pedometer, an exercise band or a yoga tape. This was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. I knew that I had to lose those extra pounds, but needed a kick-start such as this friendly co-worker competition. While everything was kept confidential for each person, there was still a shared camaraderie amongst the participants as we all shared the same common goal – losing weight to feel and look better.

I attended a presentation prior to the start of the competition and was intrigued as this was a program that I believed could work – no shakes, bars or supplements. It was all about making wise food choices and learning about portion control. It is a practical and economical method of losing weight. The program also included a trip to the grocery store to read food labels and gave me ideas on how I could improve my shopping habits to encourage healthy eating at home. I really enjoyed learning form Terri as she gave me pointers and shared her expertise.

My experience is that to be successful you must be of the right mindset – I CAN do this and I WILL be successful. The first time I met with Denise Henry alone to have my weight and measurements taken, she set a up a personal menu for me. I was impressed about her positive approach about how the pounds would just melt off me if I followed this plan. She didn’t even entertain any negative thoughts that perhaps I may not be successful. Denise views the world as the “glass is half full” not “half empty”. It is amazing how important this positive approach is to get started. Once the weight started coming of, I started counting notches in my black leather belt as my waistline shrank. It was easy to spot another lost inch as I continued to synch up the belt yet another hole. I actually got to the point where my husband had to make me a new hole in my belt to hold my pants up!

It is very important to have positive coaches (Denise Henry and staff) to encourage and support you because there are often bad eating habits to break and they assist you when you come upon your own personal road block. They set up a menu plan for you to follow according to your body type. It did require a willingness and commitment on my part to stay on track and follow the plan, especially over the Christmas season which is full of parties with tantalizing food, beverages and chocolates. Our goal was to maintain the lost weight rather than lose more weight during this season of overindulgences.

It is truly amazing that you can lose weight without starving yourself by following the plan. On your journey you will find family and friends who will support your efforts, but you will also be exposed to those people in your life who are quite willing to assist you in sabotaging your efforts for success. My new motto this year is to surround myself with positive people who make me feel good about myself.

Now that I have lost 36 pounds and a total of 48 inches, I look forward to “maintaining my weight loss”. There is no way that I wish to return to my previous size. I had forgotten what a good feeling it is to try on new clothes and actually like myself in the mirror. What fun I am having clothes shopping with my daughter, who is proud of her mother’s success. By the way…I also got a new belt!

Sandy W.

My name is Sandy Wright. I work at Saskatoon Transit in the dispatch office. I have been trying to lose weight on my own for the past few years. I would lose a couple pounds and then gain it back, sometimes plus a few extra. 

When I saw the email about the lunch and learn from Gail’s Weight Loss I thought this just might be what I need. Well, I put it off until the very last day, and then I emailed thinking “I dodged that bullet”. I received the email back; “of course there is room and time for you to join”. I thought for a day and realized I’m ready, and I’m going to commit to this for 12 weeks.

The staff at Gail’s is terrific! From the first visit they make you feel comfortable, accepted, encouraged, and challenged. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to the nutritional aspects of the program. I think the most important thing is that they have all been on the program, and the compassion they show is amazing.

The individualized weight loss program really works. You learn what to eat, when to eat, and how much of it to eat. And it is all real food, stuff that we have in our cupboards. Plus you get to try lots of wonderful new foods. I can honestly say that I was never hungry on the program. It is simple, uncomplicated, and easy to follow. The flexibility of the weigh-ins is a real plus; made to suit your schedule.

With the extra pounds, I had become less active and really missed physical activity in my life. I now run/walk 5-6 days a week and do strength training. I feel great, and I’m getting stronger by the day.

I understand that this is all a lifestyle change, there have and will be times when old habits sneak in. Every day is not going to go exactly as planned. But I have learned I can bounce back, regroup and to be kind to myself.

Thanks Gail’s for instilling in me the belief, “Yes you can”!!!

Gerry P.

I started my weight loss journey on August 14, 2013. I went to Gail’s Nutrition and Weight Loss Centre because I was inspired by the success my daughter-in-law had with them and I liked that Gail’s was a locally owned business run by a certified Nutritionist that provided one on one counseling and individualized programs with every day grocery store food. I did not want to take any supplements.  I was not a dieter and was content to stay between a size 16/18. I was quite active and enjoyed good health except for the odd cold. The truth however was that I would soon be turning 60, had high blood pressure and was on another medication to slow the onset of type 2 diabetes.

I wasn’t sure how this program would impact on my social life and I was afraid of how it would affect my relationship with my husband who enjoys cooking as a way to unwind after work. We also enjoy creating special weekend meals paired with a nice bottle of wine.

The first 3 days were the most difficult but Amy (my daughter-in-law) assured me it was just the first step and she was right. Once I got onto pre-reduction I was more comfortable. I won’t say it was easy but after seeing those first few pounds come off and with the ongoing support and encouragement from Denise, I was on my way. I have more energy, go to aquasize and circuit training once a week and work out in the Fitness Centre over lunch.

The biggest challenges were family celebrations, holidays and entertaining visitors. Each time Denise helped me to plan and strategize and if I over indulged, she provided the support and understanding I needed to get back on track. When I went to Las Vegas my friends laughed at me from the escalator while I walked up the stairs but it paid off when I came back home with a gain of only 1 pound.

I made it to my goal weight in January 2014 even after the all the Christmas parties, food and celebrations. In total I lost 33 pounds and 44 inches and my doctor was able to take me off some of my medications. I am now on maintenance and continue to work with Denise to ensure my ongoing success.

Michelle S.

The decision to ask for help is never easy. We are so sure we can do everything ourselves. When I realized my winter coat wouldn’t fit this past fall, I realized then that I needed something different.

When I looked at what I needed in a program, the one on one consultations were a huge plus. My emotional challenges are very personal and working shift work added another layer of difficulty to follow a standard plan. I wanted a program that included fruit and no supplements. I wanted real food. The flexibility to just drop in to the office whenever I wanted to, needed to or had time to, was also a consideration.

One of the things I learned early on was to organize my menu and choices. By prepacking raw veg, crackers and even the protein choices made it easier to stay on plan, especially while doing shift work. When I was hungry and tired this really helped to make better choices.

The constant positive affirmation, information and suggestions to enhance the basic program to fit into my life and the absolute confidence of the staff, that of course, I would I would reach my goal and be successful have been the life lessons that have made my time at Gail’s so positive.

Shirley W.

Gail’s works for me.   When I try to lose weight on my own, invariably I lose focus in a short time, make no progress in weight loss, and feel discouraged.

When I sign up with Gail’s I stay on track because I am accountable:  I get great guidance from trained and knowledgeable staff who know how to motivate and how to help me over the bumps I meet as I travel the road to success.

For me, Gail’s is an investment in my improved health, improved outlook, and of course, much improved appearance.

Rene B.

Who would have guessed, walking into Gail’s Weight Loss, that cold February morning that --- months later I would have lost –pounds. But, I am so pleased to say, is exactly what happened.

As so many of us do, I have struggled with my weight since my early teens. I've tried them all –all the current fad diets, having some success, only to gain the weight back.  The classic yo-yo dieter.

This pattern of loss and gain had disastrous effects on my confidence, developing in me an attitude that controlling my weight was impossibility for me.

Then going on the hope that there had to be an answer for me, I took that one step in the right direction. A friend mentioned to me that she had signed up at Gail’s. Quite honestly, I hadn't   heard of Gail’s, but I thought I am going to give it a try. And -----------months later, I can say it worked.

Gail’s Weight Loss is a practical and economical approach to weight loss. The emphasis is on healthy lifestyle rather than short-term weight loss. You are guided to make wise decisions about what to eat, and everything is available at your local grocery store.

Also, and perhaps more important, Gail’s provide one-on-one attention – so key in changing the way one thinks about weight loss.

The constant affirmation that you can be successful at weight loss begins to erode the failure thinking we have. The counsellors are there to celebrate the victories and encourage through the disappointments , This winning combination of wise food choices and the warm encouraging  personal at Gail’s  , will set you on the road to success.

Just, take that one step towards winning!

A letter from Rosalie L.

I had a great experience and was very happy with the decision I made to join Gail's Weight Loss Centre in Saskatoon. Denise Henry CHN is the owner and nutritionist of Gail's Weight Loss Centre - she is a great person to work with and was very helpful with my success of losing those unwanted pounds

Getting all the support and motivation while working towards my weight loss journey was very helpful in my success. The support and motivation was awesome!

I enjoyed the program very much and it was easy to follow as you get to use your own food - no pills, bars, shakes or supplements - only grocery food. You are counselled on how to make lifestyle changes and are taught how to exchange old eating habits for new ones which helps lead to successful weight loss, a healthy body and an overall feeling of well being.

In addition having your own personal nutritionist, Denise Henry offers one on one counselling and is wonderful and extremely helpful. Denise has been a great motivator for me and always encouraged and celebrated the news with me during my weight loss journey. She is a wonderful person and very interested in seeing only success for all her clients! Thanks Denise!

Gail's Weight Loss Centre also has individualized programs which I found exciting and helpful.

I enjoyed the one hour shopping tour at the grocery store Gail's Weight Loss Centre offers with your membership, teaching us about foods that work with the program and for successful weight loss. A great idea!

Having the payment options Gail's Weight Loss Centre offers helped make it easier for me to make the decision to lose those unwanted pounds.

Losing weight can be a challenge but by working with Gail's Weight Loss Centre I found it fun and the challenge did not seem as great.


I highly recommend Gail's Weight Loss Centre if you have unwanted pounds that you would like to lose

Donald B. Cheke

Reprinted from ‘The Creative Review’, with permission, by Donald B. Cheke      (

Obesity, what an issue it has become for a whole society.

I remember fifteen years ago thinking about how nice it would be to have a nice clean office job. At the time it seemed an innocent enough dream. I had been working hard in the construction industry for many years and was so fed up with coming home at the end of each workday tired and dirty.  Oh how I longed for a less physically taxing position. That day came suddenly out of the blue in October 1992 when I had a serious accident on the job and was forced to leave the industry.

After a period of convalescence I found myself back in the work world—in a nice clean office nonetheless. Here I have sat, working as hard as can be day after day, year after year getting visibly fatter with each passing day.

Mine is truly not an isolated story. All on need do is look around and take note at the size people have become and it will be readily apparent that something has happened in our world and many of us have not managed to make the adjustment.

Although changes in society can be blamed to a great degree the problem is still ours, personally, to deal with. One of the changes that I refer to is the way industry has progressed over the years. Face it, many of our jobs are so much less physically intensive as maybe some jobs were in the past. Heck, we don’t even swing a hammer any longer – we pull the trigger on an automatic nail gun. Then there is the reckless ‘food’ production that is coupled with intensive marketing. Believe it or not our health is not necessarily the main focus of the junk food industry or the industrial psychologists that work for the marketing companies that promote these products.

Be that as it may, we are not going to change society overnight and,  as I said above, the problem is ours personally to deal with. At this point we must face the fact that many of us want far more on a daily basis than is requires for healthy body function.

There are many mental and emotional issues associated with obesity and although I have not suffered a whole host of them as others have I have definitely has my share.

I like many other, grew up in a home where some of the old standard food myths (spoken and unspoken) were maintained. One was, ‘we must eat everything in front of us’. I was taught that we must not waste food – that it is better to eat it than throw it away. Identifying that I was full was not really part of my picture.

I learned from a very early age that food was love and that much comfort was found in a nice piece of chocolate cake or cheese cake, or several helpings of mom's Hungarian chicken with home-made noodles. Somewhere in there I also developed the scarcity mentality. That is, I never really fully appreciated that food was plentiful and I wouldn't starve – that I could eat again when I was hungry.

Over the years I have looked at myself in the mirror with a sense of disgust, hating what I saw reflected back at me.  On two previous occasions I attempted to make some changes with how I looked and felt although I had some success for a while I ended up gaining much of my weight back.  On my first go around, for a period of about two years, I went to the gym three full mornings a week and worked out on a variety of exercise machines. I actually enjoyed how I felt and eventually began to like what I saw in the mirror. The good feeling lasted until I went from losing weight to gaining it instead, in muscle mass.  It didn't matter that the gain was a positive sign; it was the number that seemed to matter. For a while after that only my stubbornness kept me going. I still resented that I felt forced to do this exercise regime and |I continued to feel sorry for myself. The question, ‘Why don’t our jobs provide us with all the exercise we need’ reverberated through my mind on a daily basis. Eventually some life changes occurred and the time I had set aside for the gym got whittled away and I never saw the gym again

Of course it didn't take long for me to put back on all the weight, along with some extra, that I had previously lost and the old feelings of self-hate and self-pity came home to roost – so it seemed.

After suffering in the same manner for a couple more years I once again felt a desperate need to get a grip on my weight problem. This time I purchased a treadmill and made great strides at keeping a regular power walking routine maintained. At the same time, I changed my eating habits drastically by cutting out all junk food and cutting down on portion sizes. This worked well for a while and I actually lost seventy-five pounds.  Somewhere along the line my drive diminished and one piece of cheese cake lead to another and then another and I was lost.

I gave up for a long time and just lived in denial. I avoided the mirrors in the house and reflections in the store front windows. I didn't allow family to take my picture for any reason and I basked in the comfort of my daily milkshakes.

After my two failed attempts to reduce I never thought I would ever be able to face this demon again – facing the required effort involved just seemed too much.

On august 3rd of this year I was running errand with my wife and I came to the realization that I could no longer go on as I was. My wife had just recently been brought back from the dead after a massive heart attack and I simply could not afford to keel over from a heart attack myself. I could not leave her and our daughter to fend for them after such a horrific trauma. At that point I said to my wife that we were going to make another stop and that I hoped she would come with me to help me past my fears. I had heard of a place called Gail’s Weight Loss Centre, here in Saskatoon, and decided that I would start there, I wasn't able to manage this on my own and I hoped desperately that the workers there could help get me out from under my own stifling weight.

It was a wise and healthy decision to make the stop. I was greeted by their welcoming gal. Although she was a bit concerned about my aversion to vegetables she made me feel that I had come to the right place and that I could gain my life and its health back over time.

The approach at Gail’s is very straight forward – fallow the Canada Food Guide and learn to eat proper portions and varieties. They set up a meal and a snack plan that I could follow, listing acceptable portion sizes of the various food groups with a list of food item options. My aversion to vegetables was addressed by substituting ‘veggie’ juice. This was something that I was able to get used to in short order.

The program does not offer miracles, although finding myself at Gail’s and succeeding thus far feels miracle enough. But do not be fooled, it requires a willingness and a commitment on my part to do what it takes. Although it does take effort, I do not feel I am suffering. The meal and snack sizes are very adequate and there are recipes available for certain items that one just can’t live without – such as chocolate chip cookies. In the right serving size they can satisfy those sweet tooth needs without guilt or added weight.

Since August 3, 2006, at the time this article was written, I have lost 48 pounds. I still want to lose about 70 pounds more and I feel positive that I will be able to do so. I try very hard not to live for the day ‘when’ but I try instead to live one day at a time, knowing that I can do this today. With that way of thinking the rest will take care of itself as the days pass. At certain times I find comfort in some of the slogans that they teach at Gail’s as they help me past the tougher situations. One such slogan is, ‘Nothing tastes better than thins feels’. How true that is.

I know that I am just the beginning of this new journey but I feel so much better about it now that I am approaching this often overwhelming issue in an educated manner. I actually feel like I am taming the beast but I am not naïve enough to think the beast will not put up a struggle.

I will probably always struggle to some degree with blaming society, but I will not let that be an excuse for not taking care of my needs. I will likely always need to remind myself that I am now eating to live and not living to eat. That doesn't mean that I cannot enjoy what I eat, because I can and I do. In fact, now that I have embarked on this journey nothing has ever tasted so good. I guess I am no longer stuffed to the state of numbness.

At this point I feel much healthier and alive. I am very proud of myself and that is encouragement enough to keep heading down this most beautiful path.

Susan W.

Going to Gail’s Weight Loss was one of the best things I've ever done. I have always struggled with my weight and tried to lose a few pounds and then stop losing to get discouraged and stop trying.

Gail’s showed me how to lose weight properly. The counsellors really helped me. They showed me what I should be eating and how much to eat each day. A couple of times I was stuck and not losing and they changed things around and got me losing again. In the 7 months I was on the weight loss program I lost 70 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 2 or 4. I have never been that size in my life before. Now I am on maintenance and I am learning how to eat everyday meals, and some treats and keep the weight off.

Again, the staff is there whenever I have questions and to help out with any problems that arise. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is serious about losing weight and changing their lifestyle.

Myrna Lensen

My name is Myrna Lensen and I am 39 years old. I married my husband Kevin 15 years ago. We have four kids. Aron (12), Keystina (10), Nadine (7) and Shawn (4). I work half time as an R.N. in a long term care facility in Saskatoon.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn't have a weight problem. All through my school years, even in kindergarten. I had a bit of a tummy and felt bigger than kids my age. When I graduated I wore a size 16 or 18 dress. I did manage to lose weight but it always came back. Following the birth of my fourth child I had a tubal ligation and my weight really started to climb. During that time things got stressful at work and I ended up taking medications to deal with things. This didn't help my weight problem and.

A little over a year ago my husband came home from his mom's house with a paper and the address and phone number for Gail’s Weight Loss Centre on it. My sister-in law had been going there for a couple of months and was doing well. I didn't phone right away but my husband asked every day if I had phoned to make an appointment yet. Finally, I made an appointment for a consultation at the 34th St. location I thought. My husband went with me but it turned out the 34th St. Location wasn't open on Tuesday at that time. We ended up over at the 8th St. Centre to meet with them. My husband tried to encourage me telling me he would pay for my program if I wanted to try it. I set my weight loss goal at 100lbs. even though I wanted to lose 118lbs. When I left the office I felt really overwhelmed and depressed. Could I lose that much weight when I never could before?

My husband later on admitted he thought he had just thrown that money away. We went out for supper that night for the last time for a while. The next morning I started Conditioning One. I had to go buy a food scale first off and for the first while felt hungry a lot of the time. For the first few days I struggled a lot with cravings but I was determined to do my best on this program. Right away the weight slowly started coming off but 100lbs was a lot to lose. I was encouraged to find an exercise that would fit into my lifestyle. I couldn't see paying to go to a gym and also paying a babysitter so I could go. Going for walks was easier and my husband bought me a treadmill for those really cold days. Slowly my energy increased and I was able to decrease and stop taking medications to deal with stress. A little over a month into my program was Christmas; I worried about staying on my program and took food with me when I could. It wasn't until I was on the program enough to actually eat out at a restaurant.

There have been times when I have got frustrated when I hit plateaus and a few times when I even went up a few pounds. Usually at those times the staff would get me to change how I was eating for a while to kick start things again. As I got closer to my goal it got harder with my weight going up and down more. I have now lost between 103 and 106lbs. My body seemed to be telling me this is the weight I need to be. My pant size had gone from a 20/22 down to an 8/10. A year ago I couldn't imagine myself this small. My husband talks about having a new skinny, sexy wife. Family and friends hardly recognize me any more.

Terry Bell

I would like to share something with you.

When I was first introduced to Gail Spearey, the founder of Gail’s Weight Loss Centre, I knew nothing about weight loss nor did dieting appeal to me. In the past three year association with Gail and Denise, I have however, changed my mind about the weight loss process.

I was tired of being overweight, I didn't have any energy, I was cranky and I was depressed. The depression made me gain weight and gaining weight made me depressed—sound familiar? It was a horrible, vicious cycle.

I took advantage of Gail’s free consultation. “This is not a ‘diet’ it was a ‘lifestyle’” she said. I was immediately impressed with this attitude and with her devotion and passion. When I found out the maintenance program offer makes me a lifetime member, it made me feel confident that the Gail’s staff would always be there when I needed them and that this wasn't a fly-by-night program.

I have always had an aptitude for cooking and this program taught me how to make appetizing meals and find ways to modify recipes in order to reduce calories. Now I spend a lot of time at the grocery store looking at labels before I buy. Gail’s shopping tour was a great help. I no longer dread grocery shopping.

I don’t feel deprived because I am eating real, healthy food, not supplements that will be taken away when I've reached my goal weight. My cupboard now holds real honest to goodness food. I feel like this new lifestyle gives me a lot of freedom to choose.

Another reason that I'm glad I picked this program was because I wanted someone ‘in the know’ who could answer my questions when I have them and I really appreciated being one phone call away from an answer. I get one-on-one counselling from the staff that have had weight loss concerns in their lives and frankly we are all of a ‘particular age’ if you know what I mean. So I feel like I am speaking with someone who has had life experience.

My improved attitude has been the best outcome of my weight loss experience because I have learned from Gail and Denise to be patient and as Denise would say, “Don’t blow off exercise”.

Many people want results immediately and if they don’t see them, they give up. I always try to remember that it took me a long time to get where I was and it will take a long time to undo the harm I did to my body. Denise always cautions “you must find a way to fit activity into your daily routine. It’s important for your health and your success”.

I am thrilled to feel my self assurance return. With the positive encouragement that the counsellors have given me I feel better than I have felt in years and I've lost sixty pounds!

Denise and her staff are an incredible team. I am so grateful they have made their life’s work this encouragement and education of women like me.

Thank you ladies, I'm so glad I found you!

Elaine F.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Life is all about choices. Some choices may affect us in a trivial manner, other choices have a profound impact in our life’s journey. Who could have known that one simple phone call in march 2010 to Gail’s Weight Loss Centre would provide me with the support and guidance needed to make a significant change in my life.

I joined Gail’s weight loss program and lost 60lbs! I am eating healthier, have increased energy, vitality and improved overall health. Family and friends are amazed and want to know my secret! I'm happy to share my story with them!

- Elaine Lost an Amazing 60 Pounds and 84 Inches! Who said losing weight, gaining your health back and literally taking years off yourself in retirement couldn't be done! Elaine is living proof that it CAN! - Denise Henry, Owner

 Jan P.

My experience with Gail’s Weight Loss has been nothing short of enjoyable. I am now in my 50’s, but since before the birth of our children in my early 20’s, I consistently battled with being 10-30 pounds overweight. It fluctuated, and as it did my self-image wavered with it. I had lost pounds before with several different programs, but I always found that the weight slowly came back.  When I found Gail’s, I had been researching the options available in Saskatoon and area.  I went to several free consults, but I was impresses with Gail’s because of the simple, practical program, and the reasonable cost. They did not make fantastic claims, did not try to sell me food or supplements, and promises to be there for me long term. In fact, when I started the program we were just leaving for a 2 week stay at the lake , and  the girls at Gail’s helped me with a meal planning so that I lost weight at the lake and never once felt deprived. Both my husband and I were ecstatic! We BOTH enjoyed preparing meals, I lost the weight, and the ladies helped me through with their support and encouragement every visit.  I even phoned the

office a time or two to get advice when I was shopping for groceries.  I have now been on maintenance since November of 2010, and drop in when I am in Saskatoon to weigh, have a chat with the staff and make sure my weight isn’t starting to climb. When it starts to go up. I know I have support and help to figure out why, and guidance with what to put in place to get back on track. I have recommended Gails to several friends, who have also had wonderful success! I am proof that the program works and I am still maintaining my goal weight, and am able to LIVE without the limits and restrictions of a “diet”. I no longer dread special events or functions, whether they are birthdays, |Christmas or family get-togethers because I know how to manage my food choices. What a  wonderful, liberating way to live.

Iris W.

I came to Gail’s at a time when it seemed I was gaining weight even though I was trying to ‘be careful’ or so I thought.  I had been to a few other programs over the years, and met with varied results, only to regain weight in the end. I did not understand much, if anything, about how my body needed to be nourished properly.  At Gail’s, the wonderful staff have taught me personally, step by step, about healthy eating, grocery shopping, meal planning, and lifestyle changes, with all  the encouragement I could ever hope for.  They are as strongly motivated as I am to make sure I do not feel hungry during my weight loss journey. They have taught me how to enjoy special occasion meals. They are real people who have had their own successes on this program, so they fully understand any struggles. The staff at Gail’s loves it as much as I do when the scale drops 2 pounds every week. The advice, expertise, and knowledge I have gained only make me question one thing, and that is ‘why didn’t I come here sooner’? My family also enjoys the delicious recipes that I prepare, and we collectively feel healthier simply due to these lifestyle changes. It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that I am passing on the knowledge and experience of healthy eating and lifestyle to my own children. They will take this with them for life. I have lost over 60 pounds and this gimmick free program which was custom designed for me. I was so excited when I went into my closet to find that I fit into my designer jeans again! I am enjoying this life changing journey, thank you Gail’s.

 Ella N.

Never did I think that some time in my life I would need to lose weight. After all I was 5’10” and known as ‘the bean stalk’, friendly giant, tooth pick, etc.

However, as the years started creeping up on me so did a pound or two or three every year as well. My decision to alter my eating habits and lifestyle came about in my mid 50’s when I was facing a total knee replacement. A couple of my co-workers were on Gail’s Weight Loss Program so I thought why   not try it too. With the great support, encouragement and accountability I was successful in losing 20 pounds. To my amazement my knee joint was now much “less of a pain” and after consulting with my surgeon we were able to put my surgery on hold. I waited an additional 7 years.

My artificial knee is benefiting from the weight loss and as well I am healthier and happier, PLUS I am not dieting but rather eating wisely.

Denise H.

I have lost over 30 pounds on this program. I am a true believer  in it not only for the weight loss but for the nutrition aspect as well.

You never go hungry and being in charge of your own groceries is a huge advantage. Your portions are all given to you by the wonderful staff and no pills required.

There is a long history of diabetes in my family and I was always paranoid of becoming diabetic. This being the motivating reason to become a Nutritionist!  So I am well aware how such a healthy program can be a healthy lifestyle change.

It really is a lifestyle change. I feel so much better both physically and mentally. It just keeps getting easier and easier. I have also learned so much on grocery shopping that I thought I already knew.

The cost of the program is the lowest in Saskatoon which contributes to the great success that this program has experienced for many years.

Losing 2 pounds or more per week is not as hard as you may think. It is a tremendously rewarding feeling to know that I was able to do this. Now I am ready to begin the Lifetime Maintenance to keep it all off!

My faith in this Program is such that I am now employed by Gail’s Weight Loss, and eventually ended up buying the business from Gail!!! It is what I have been interested in for quite some time. I think if I had never been on this Program myself I would have found it difficult to relate to our clients BUT like the saying is  “ Been there, Done that” and enjoying every minute.