Lori Carey

Hi! My name is Lori Carey,

For the last few years I have been going to my doctor for my annual checkup and every year tje scale was creeping higher and higher. I was concerned about the health risks I was facing carring that extra with. I was looking for a healthy lifestyle, not a short term diet. I had tried a variety of changes on my, but couldn't get the scale moving in the right direction. A friend recommended Gail's Weight Loss and when I suggested it to my doctor, he said it was a good idea.

Gail's plan was very easy to follow. I never felt like I was dieting. I enjoyed all the foods I was eating and started feeling more energetic within a few weeks! The pounds seemed to melt away. I found all my strange food cravings disappeared. I never felt hungry outside of mealtimes. I liked the fact that I learning lifestyle habits and I sailed through Christmas that year. If faily didn't know I was going to Gail's, they couldn't tell by what was (or wasn't) on my plate! I learned what to eat and when. I also learned how enjoy special occasions and not feel pressure or guilt when dining out. And every step of the way I had tremendous support from Gail and her wonderful staff!

I enjoy my new dress size and shopping for clother is fun again! I love the compliments I get all the time. Thanks Gail for helping me to find the lifestyle changes that are so important in ensuring my healthy future.