"I know that this program works, it is safe and healthy!"

I am Denise Henry - the owner of Gail's Nutrition and Weight Loss Centre - and a Certified Nutritionist, and have been through this weight loss program myself.

This is my story.

My mother fell very ill and had a stroke at a very young age, due in part to diabetes complications. I searched for answers to the challenges that the health concerns placed on our family and looked for a healthy nutritional alternative, in light of my mothers' condition. The more I learned, the more I realized that proper nutrition is the way to prevent diseases and health consequences that many families face!

Realizing that good nutrition can fit into any lifestyle I pursued my interest in all areas of nutrition and dedicated many years to research. This led to a passion that gave me the push to fulfill a dream of becoming a certified nutritionist.  Frequently, health conditions are preventable, other conditions are manageable but either way, healthy eating will help maintain the best quality of life.

At Gail's, our main focus is good nutrition, which is the basis of good health and disease prevention. 

We believe weight loss is the best way to start on this path.

We believe real food is the key.

Gail's Nutrition and Weight Loss Centre does not promote pills, food supplements, or other quick fix solutions.

 When people are put on restrictive 'diets' all day long every day, they can only focus on what they are forbidden to eat.

This brings about a feeling of deprivation and that is the number one reason that 'diets' fail.

Lifestyle change is the key to permanent weight loss success.  We know that don't we? But bringing about a lifestyle change is easier said than done, without help anyway.

I don't believe in diets because diets don't work, food and weight are the symptom not the problem.

We live in a culture that prizes "skinny" and makes negative judgments about people who have weight issues. This prejudice finds its way into the workplace and unfortunately, personal relationships. This prejudice then worms its way into our self-esteem.

The focus on weight proves a convenient and culturally reinforced distraction from reasons as to why many people use food when they are not hungry.

Remember when you change the way you think about food - you'll change the way you eat. When you are renovating your home you enlist the aid of a skilled professional, don't you?

Is your health and the health of your family any less important?

At Gail's we believe you are a real person who lives in the real world. We also believe that a weight loss program should not be treated like jumping off and on the bus, instead we will give you a prescription for food and we help you make informed choices about your eating habits and your health.

We will come to your home or workplace if you would prefer! This will ensure the privacy and attention you deserve!

Yours in good health,

Denise Henry, CHN
Owner / Nutritionist